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BMI Congratulates the Winners of the 2013 Billboard Mexican Music Awards

big seanThe 2013 Billboard Music Awards (Premios Billboard de la Música Mexicana), Regional Mexican music’s biggest night, took place on October 9 from the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Calif. The live telecast aired on Telemundo, and featured the genre’s biggest acts as presenters, nominees and performers. Nominees were chosen based on their Billboard rankings. The regional Mexican genre has long been the top-selling Latin genre in the United States and shows no signs of slowing down.

The late Jenni Rivera was the night’s biggest winner with seven awards, including Artist of the Year and Album of the Year for La Misma Gran Señora.

Los Tigres del Norte were presented with the first-ever Premio Líder (Leader Award). The legendary band of brothers have made their music a powerful tool for change and have provided a soundtrack to the lives of those who have come to this country in search of a better life. On Tuesday, the band performed at a massive immigration rally in Washington, D.C., reaffirming their commitment to the Latino community.

“It’s an honor for us to share this evening with you,” said the band’s Jorge Hernandez. “We are so thankful to our public, who has given us so much since the ‘70s and up until the present. Thank you for letting us be a part of the happiness in your hearts. Thank you to the beautiful people of this country as well as our country, , Central and South America and all the countries that have opened their doors to us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to still be here, with the same enthusiasm as when we first started, fighting the same fight and pursuing the same dreams.”

Brother Hernán Hernandez added, “As Joan Sebastian said, it’s tough to compete with this new generation of [regional Mexican] artists but it’s not about competing; it’s about sharing. To all the youth out there, we love you and we hope that after 40-something years, you still have the joy of playing for your fans the way we’ve had that privilege.”

Banda el Recodo de Cruz Lizárraga, whom bmi honored with the Icon designation at this year’s bmi Latin Awards in Las Vegas, received the special Premio Legado Musical (Musical Legacy Award). Founded in 1938 in Sinaloa, Mexico, Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizárraga, often referred to as Banda El Recodo, is inarguably one of the most influential Banda groups in the history of the genre.

When asked by bmi what it is that they’re proudest of, one of the Banda el Recodo members responded, “We are proudest of being Mexican and making Banda music. We have the privilege and the joy that our sound, after 75 years, is an extremely popular one, and not just in Mexican culture but in Latin culture overall, and that makes us so proud. This sound has transcended borders and that was Don Cruz Lizárraga’s vision from the beginning.”

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