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OH NO: Black Doctor Steals Dying Man’s WHAT?

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genthumbSTOCKTON, CA – The children of a fgenthumb-1ormer Manteca police lieutenant say a Stockton emergency room doctor allowed their father to die so the doctor could steal the man’s expensive Rolex watch, according to a lawsuit filed last week. Dr. Cleveland Enmon was indicted by a San Joaquin County grand jury for grand theft last month stemming from the June incident at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton. Enmon, 32, of Hermosa Beach is also facing a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the adult children of Jerry Kubena, Sr. Kubena, a retired Manteca police lieutenant, was rushed by ambulance to St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton on June 1 with heart problems. According to a 15-page civil lawsuit, Kubena’s family alleges Enmon noticed Kubena’s expensive Presidential Rolex watch, then allowed Kubena to die from a heart attack so he could steal the watch.

The lawsuit states that two nurses at the hospital noticed the missing watch after Kubena died and saw a watch bulge in Enmon’s pocket. After hospital security was called to investigate, Enmon allegedly defied security’s orders, left the emergency room and threw the watch in a grassy area outside the hospital. A nurse who followed Enmon alerted security and led officers to the spot where Kubena’s watch was found. According to the court document, St. Joseph’s administration confronted Enmon with videotaped evidence of the theft and removed him from working at the hospital.

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