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Black Comments Attack Tyler Perry’s Success so a White Man Defines “Black People logic”


A ’s Definition of “Black People logic”

LogicGarnetA video segment on World Star Hip Hop talked about Tyler Perry’s success and his new Christmas movie. The piece described Perry as a man who was once homeless and now he’s worth $400 million dollars. What’s most interesting is no matter what you think of Perry’s movies… his technique,  ability  and business acumen is nothing less than astounding. In addition, he keeps black actors working more than any other movie studio. Perry is opening doors for in show business. Shouldn’t he be commended for that? Apparently not, even though he literally built his empire by himself. The comments (from black men especially) following the segment on WSHH were brutal. The positive comments were often trumped by the slew of severe attacks on Perry’s writing, success and perceived sexuality. Then I came across an interesting comment from a white man, centered in the barrage of attacks from Perry’s own black community, it seemed pale in comparison yet interesting because for the first time, it DIDN’T stand out in as much as a negative way as it would have had it been the sole comment. This comment almost faded into the background but had this been the ONLY comment, it would have IMMEDIATELY been perceived as racist.  We’re remaining neutral and letting YOU state what you think of this statement. Allow me to say,  I have heard BLACK people actually say some of these things too. Your thoughts?

This writer goes by the name of “Weeg.” We did some editing to remove some terms we don’t post in RF. Your thoughts?

1) calling each other ni$%as is acceptable

2) violence is amusing

3) black women love rappers who call them hoes and bitches.

4) A black man takes a black woman’s dignity by pissing on her as a black crowd cheers him on.

5) A black man being killed by the police or a white man is NEVER justifiable

6) Black on black crimes are ok. Black on white crimes are ok. White on black crimes are racist.

7) Blacks always jump to conclusions when race is involved and before facts surface.

8) Blacks turn everything into a race issue

9) when the facts surface and blacks who jumped to conclusions were wrong they never mention it again. Remember

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