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Bishop Noel Jones has New show on LA's KJLH

KJLH has opened up the programming local churches in at various times the week. reknowned Bishop has a new show the called “ .”


Pennies from Kevin Podcast"


  1. The party is over; the host is vehemently displeased.
    My invitations have been revoked, but I’ve been eager to leave.

    False doctrine contrived
    to ensnare my dreams.
    No longer do I value
    what worldliness achieves.

    No longer will I wallow
    in utter disgust.
    No longer am I congruent
    with Biblical mistrust.

    No longer am I gullible
    or susceptible to fear.
    No longer will I turn
    and pretend not to hear.

    No longer will I step
    on my own two feet.
    No longer will I accept
    illusions of defeat.
    No longer will I embrace
    eyes unwilling to see.
    No longer will I endorse
    sabotaging those like me.

    No longer will I sa?vor
    Indulging in shame.
    No longer do I crave
    those addicted to pain.
    No longer will I preserve
    banquets of blame.
    No longer do I thirst
    for temporary gain.

    No longer will I walk
    by man-made designs.
    No longer will I hide,
    what’s destined to shine.

    That party is over.

    Before the devise, It’s over;
    Before the disguise, It’s over.
    Before we arrive, it’s over.
    Before the feast on the young, it’s over
    Before the unveiling of all eyes,
    it’s over.

    No matter how it has, or
    will been done….the party is over!

    By: Diamond R. Hart. 2/23/10

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