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Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Jamal Parris Speaks Out (video)

 width=Wow, this is so unfortunate. Black women so desperate to have a black man in their child’s life and this is what could happen. You can’t blame the women, if you can’t trust a Bishop who can you trust…. maybe NOT a Bishop. I guess this is what they mean by “predator” someone who is waiting in the wings for an opportunity like this to make their move. I believe him.


  1. Well.. I have tried to remain neutral but I believe the young man. As someone who was molested by two trusted family members I can relate to the feelings this man has in his heart.. I recognize the pain that is deep within his soul.. He is correct in saying one cannot get the voice, body scent etc out of the mind. The incident(s)) are relived EVERYDAY along with the feeling of being dirty, unworthiness, and shame. It affects any decisions of trust in sex, love, and oneself. It takes alot of self love, family/friend support and tremendous faith to get through such pain. Very few victims/survivors have any or all three from day one. Why did he speak out? He wants and needs to be healed. Despite what happened, most of the time, one still feel the need to protect that violator by being silent particular if there were threats or it was a person in a position of power and/or had some type of control of victim or their lives – who will believe it? And of course people look at the victims differently. The money?? That will pay for therapy, the lawyers who as sympathetic as they maybe see a jackpot very few lawyers with their salt would walk away from this opportunity. But the money will never wipe out the pain or the memories. Having said all of this it is important as christians that we pray for the victim and the violater. Somewhere along the way “allegedly” Bishop Long became spiritually drunk with power from the gifts he had been given. It is God’s armor of salvation that protects us. Not a personally edited version that allows sins to be committed, covered in “spiritual makeup” and presented as law. What is done in darkness… Pray for him, his family & his congregation. This will forever change all involved.

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