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Bill “Doc B” Ransom Takes on New APD/MD Role at WDAS

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wdasiHeartMedia Philadelphia has announced that Bill “Doc B” Ransom has been named Assistant Program Director and Music Director for Power 99 FM WUSL-FM and WDAS-FM, effective immediately. iHeartMedia Philadelphia has a strong cross-platform presence and includes a number of iconic brands and franchises – both broadcast and digital – including Power 99 FM, Q102, Radio 104.5, 105.3 WDAS-FM, Mix 106.1 and 1480 WDAS-AM.

iHeartMedia has massive consumer reach and influence across multiple platforms and delivers more live programming than any other media company. In his new role as Assistant Program Director and Music Director, Doc B will assist in overseeing all programming for the broadcast and digital operations of Power 99 FM WUSL-FM and WDAS-FM. In addition he will continue his role as mixer for Power 99 FM and wdas FM.

“Doc B has demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism and a true passion for the music and the formats. For those reasons, amongst many others, he’s earned this new position,” said Derrick Corbett, Director of Urban Programming, iHeartMedia Philadelphia.

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