Biggest Loser Gets into the Frozen Food Business

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Calvin Harris Joins Forces with Universal and Reveille Bringing Consumers a Line of Refrigerated, Fully-Prepared, Healthy Meal Options

Leading Research and Development Chef, Calvin Harris of Harris Food Group announced today a line new of refrigerated, fully-prepared healthy meal options called Simply Sensible which will launch in conjunction with NBC’s hit weight loss show, “The Loser” in season 11. “The Biggest Loser” line is licensed through NBC Universal Television Products Group and Reveille .  The deal was secured by JTMG, ., the licensing agency for NBC Universal Television Consumer Products Group.

Serving as a corporate research and development chef creating innovative products for notable restaurants such as Arby’s, Burger King and TGI Friday’s, Harris branched off to create Harris Food Group in order to develop, market and distribute products that could improve consumers’ lives with the intent to provide quality, gourmet tasting and healthy meal solutions to tackle America’s obesity crises.

“I am very excited to be partnering with NBC/Reveille on creating Simply Sensible the first of its kind refrigerated, fully-prepared healthy meal line,” said Chef Calvin Harris, CEO and Founder of Harris Food Group. “˜The Biggest Loser’ has become such a phenomenon with a loyal following and it was the ideal partnership to launch Simply Sensible in order to impact a large population of consumers and provide a meal option for the contestants while on the show.”

Simply Sensible will feature five meal options including Lasagna with Meat Sauce, Zing Chicken with brown rice, Pot Roast with mashed potatoes, Mediterranean Chicken with bowtie pasta and Beef Tips and brown rice; each meal includes two servings and will be less than 250 calories per serving. Simply Sensible is endorsed by the American Heart Association and will have an estimated retail value of $6.99. Simply Sensible products will be the first fully prepared “better for you” meal option and will be available in the refrigerated section of national grocers beginning this January.

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  1. i am excited about the new product. i want it now. did you mean this coming jan it would be in stores or is already in stores since jan that pasted?? i have been looking for the simply food products. please let me know. i can’t wait to start.. thanks, lynda heise

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