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BET Networks Demystifies the Psychology of Black Movie Goers With New Report “REEL FACTS: A Movie Goer Consumption Study”

Demystifies the Psychology of Black Movie Goers With New Report “REEL FACTS: A Movie Goer Consumption Study”
New study finds that have a voracious appetite for entertainment, embrace black movies and more
Report details incredible $6.3 Billion Buying Power of African Americans

BET Networks unveiled a new report that challenges the Hollywood mindset that African Americans only support black movies and outlines the $6.3 Billion buying power of this demographic. According to REEL FACTS: A Movie Goer Consumption Study on average, 81% of the movies seen by African Americans do not prominently feature an African American cast, storyline or lead black star. The study provides an in-depth understanding of African American movie goers and their consumption patterns versus general market movie goers. The report also states that while traditionally, African Americans do support films in which their own images/likenesses are featured, this group is also just as engaged with general market films since the leading criteria for movie selection is based on genre

“The findings in REEL Facts prove what we’ve known all along, which is contrary to what many studios and marketers think, African Americans are a valuable patron of different genres of film and see the platform of television as an important resource in making a decision in this category,” said Louis Carr, President of Advertising at BET Networks. “While African Americans seek content that reflects their lives, the movies consumed are not limited to one type of storyline.”

REEL Facts: A Movie Goer Consumption Study also revealed the top five key characteristics of an African American movie goer:

1. Extreme Movie Buffs ““ African Americans have no problem making that trek to the movies accounting for 195 Million trips to the movie theaters annually.   On average, African Americans make frequent visits to the movies (13.4 times per year vs. 11 times per year for general market movie goers*).
2. High Engagement and Receptivity ““ African Americans see TV as the most influential medium to capture their attentions. Top three movie info resources valued highly by REEL Facts respondents:   TV commercials (65%), In-theater movie trailers (55%) and Family/friend recommendations (54%).
3. Repeat Viewers ““ 62% of black movie goers admit to seeing movies they like multiple times accounting for an additional $513 Million in additional revenue to movie studio coffers.
4. Movie Goers Have “Platinum Shine” ““ On average, African Americans are the most avid movie patrons going to the movies more than 2 times/per month, accounting for a minimum of 28 times during the year.
5. Digital Tekkies ““African Americans are digitally inclined and consume heavy amounts of all types of media:   67% own desktop/laptop computers; 62% are heavy online users accessing (11+ hours weekly); 64% are gaming/music video enthusiasts and 37% are heavy TV/DVR viewers.

“REEL Facts, along with our other consumer insights, proves that the black consumer is not monolithic and that it’s all about engaging content, cultural awareness and satisfaction as high-end consumers,” said Matthew Barnhill, SVP of Market Research at BET Networks. “The African American community has diverse tastes, an appetite for quality movies and entertainment that can range from blockbuster mainstream action films to African American romantic comedies.”

BET’s REEL Facts confirmed this by asking respondents to name verbatim the last three films seen in the past year. Only three (or 16%) of the top films in 2010-2011 year to date mentioned by black movie goers featured a predominantly African American cast, storyline or lead black star:

1. For Colored Girls**
2. Big Mamma’s House: Like Father, Like Son**
3. Battle Los Angeles
4. Limitless
5. Green Hornet
6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
7. Black Swan
8. Red Riding Hood
9. Despicable Me
10. I Am Number 4
11. Inception
12. Paul
13. Roommate
14. Saw 3-D
15. Toy Story 3
16. Twilight Eclipse
17. Why Did I Get Married Too?**
18. Adjustment Bureau
19. Iron Man 2

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