1. I watched the BET Awards Show on Sunday night and while I feel that it was an improvement over previous years, there are still those perennial problems that many blog about; the language, the editing of it(or attempts), the degradation of quality of today’s music compared to yesteryear. The saggin’ pants, the scantily-clad females, etc. These are problems stemming from the younger segment during these showcases. I read quite a few of responses from young and older and here is my solution.
    Prior to the nineties, most sizable cities had one or two Black radio stations that played all Black music for all Black listeners. You could hear Anita Baker one minute and within a couple of songs hear Kool Moe Dee, a totally different demo appeal. Black radio divided itself into a couple of different formats: ‘Hip-Hop’ and ‘Urban Contemporary.’ Now there was a station for Black youth and one for the Black adult. It’s been that way for the past 20 years now and the televised Black Music awards shows haven’t followed suit and it’s about time that it does.
    Let’s face it. Adults over, say 35-40+ don’t want to see Wale, Big Sean and Soulja Boy. Those 35 and under could care less about Frankie Beverly and Maze and Chaka Khan.
    Why not two separate Black award shows? The BET gathering lasted nearly four and a half hours(if you want to include the after-gathering). Why not 2, two hour award shows showcasing the two formats at different times of the year? The Urban Adult music awards easily could’ve consisted of the Maze tribute, C. Perry, D’Angelo, the Whitney Houston tribute, Valerie Simpson, Yolanda Adams and a couple of crossover artists of the two formats; Beyonce, Usher. The same could be done with Hip-Hop as well, although that format has a couple of it’s own separate awards show already.
    Black radio divided into two different, healthy formats 20 years ago. It’s about time the Black award shows do the same.

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