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Beach Road Music LLC Acquires Coed Records Catalog with Lost Doo-Wop,…

Quote start“Beach Road is truly excited about offering both consumers and collectors these heretofore unreleased ,” said Seth Berg, President of Beach Road, in announcing the .Quote end

Beach Road Music LLC today announced acquisition of the historic Coed Records catalog — along with discovery in a dusty New York City apartment of a cache of classic recordings a half-century old.

It’s been almost fifty years since many of these enduringly catchy songs of the 1950s and 1960s have been heard as originally produced.

Veteran music publisher George Paxton formed Coed in 1958, in New York’s famed Brill Building. In keeping with the early east Doo-Wop style, Coed Records launched many noteworthy hits between 1958 and 1964 the 10 teen standard, “16 Candles” by the Crests, and the smash-hit “You Belong To Me” performed by The Duprees. Other releases included hits by Trade Martin, The Rivieras, The Harptones and Adam Wade.

When Beach Road purchased the catalog, the company thought it was buying thirty master-tapes, including “16 Candles”. Only when tape after tape was examined did technicians realize they were on to something bigger.

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