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Basketball Wives Type Barbaric Attack by teen Girl leads to Arrest

 width=Without question, are becoming more popular for all the wrong reasons. The shows garner high ratings for brutal fights that are encouraged by the show’s but they also leave a dangerous impression on the young female viewers. Wives is the first show that comes to mind when brutal fights between are mentioned because it’s what the is known for. In this senseless video a calm confrontation takes place which immediately leads to a barbaric beating that lasts for a little more than 60 seconds, within that time, the victim is stomped in the head, dragged off the by her hair then the beating continues on the ground with several blows to her face, all while being captured on video by the assaliant’s friend. After watching the video for a few seconds one could easily conclude Tashay D , the assailant, is trying to actually kill the other girl. has since been arrested, smirking in her as if she is proud of what took place. One comment on states: “Who is responsible for raising these Animals, oh that’s right, WE ALL are…” Another comment changed the assailant’s name to “Trashy D. Edwards” and yet other comments praise Tashay’s actions with statements like “That’s the best fight I’ve seen on WWHH.”

It is indeed most unfortunate that immediately after securing an arrest for and marching in unity nationwide for Trayvon’s Martin’s justice, our own backyard is being ignored.

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