Author Tricia Rose says Radio is Killing Hip Hop, but Has the Industry EVER been Fullfilled?

Tricia Rose, of The Hip Hop Wars

Brown University professor Tricia Rose wants you to know that no one is right about hip hop. In her new book, The Hip Hop Wars, Rose takes on all sides, arguing that fans and detractors alike have advanced illogical, dishonest and offensive arguments about why the genre is bad and why it’s great. She spoke to TIME about how is hip hop, why artists need to take more responsibility and what the music used to be like. Sounds like an old jock who can’t find a job on today’s radio. Why is it that some people forget the industry is about money and CURRENT trends first…..? Is that a crime? Rose goes on to say…

The rapper Nas released an album several years ago titled “Hip Hop is Dead.” The first line of her book is “Hip hop is not dead, but it is gravely ill.” Why do you think that? Many people would say it died a long time ago.

When Nas said hip hop is dead, it was really a way of making the statement I think that I’m making. He obviously doesn’t think its entirely dead, or he wouldn’t continue to labor there, but he is concerned about it enough to put people on notice that it is in the ICU ward. It was more a metaphor than a reality. But I think that there is no question that commercial hip hop, that is dead. (How can you analyise what his statement meant. It’s pretty cut and dry to me?) But there is an incredibly rich world of hip hop that has been literally buried. I tell my friends and students, that’s why they call it the underground “” because it’s in fact buried. But it’s not dead, it’s an underworld. It’s like the Matrix, an alternative world that has its flaws but is part of a living force….
Yawn, Sorry, I’ve got bigger fish to fry… I just don’t agree with this… if you want to read the rest of this go here


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