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August Alsina Talks about Def Jam Leaking New Project

August Alsina’s latest project on Def Jam “This Thing Called Life” clearly indicates what is also the irony of his own life and trying to balance a successful career, the love and admiration of a plethora of fans and the imbalanced poor relationship with his mother (Breakfast Club vid below). All of this has to be a crippling mental backpack. It’s no surprise that he talks about suicidal thoughts over the inability to connect with his mother for reasons beyond his comprehension. One has to give credit to Alsina for his honesty which probably, unbeknownst to him at this juncture of his life, doubles as a lifesaver in a situation like this. As its my course of study when a girl is disconnected from her mother its tragic but she can attribute it to jealousy, on the other hand, when a boy is disconnected from his mother it’s like he’s disconnected from the world. Many black kids are already operating from a deficit by not having a father so the black mother becomes their world.

He talks about how fans should not be involved in the situation but his mother has added insult to injury by taking her dismay with him to social media. This is incredibly unfortunate and selfish on her behalf. I remember him saying that his mother could not make it to one of the award shows because she didn’t like to fly and he tried to laugh it off but that had to take a toll on a young black man who’s first connection with the world would offer that level of rejection at such an incredible moment.

It is seldom that we explore the psychology of success in radio or the music industry but one is left to ask, how can you be a celebrity who is loved and admired by fans but disconnected from your own family? That has to be a recipe for addiction. He makes several good points and he seems to understand that the fans are not there for his or his mother’s salvation. For a young dude he’s got a good head on is shoulders. He also talks about the disappointment and yet appreciation for Def Jam leaking his project early.

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