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ATL Art Aficionado, WRFG Board Member, Margaret Kargbo Dies in Tragic Accident



RFFocus is sad to report the death of Atlanta art aficionado and activist, Margaret Karbo.  She was traveling with disability activist Frank Barham, 60 when a gas tanker struck the van they were in, killing the both of them instantaneosly. The two were killed around 4pm on Wednesday, May 20.

Kargbo, who was 36 at the time of her death, was working on the Wheel 2 Live project, for which Barham was traveling in his wheelchair 302 miles from Atlanta to Savannah, 30 miles per day, to raise awareness for the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The only survivor from the van carrying Karbo and Barham, was the driver, Carrie Johnson, who was pulled from the van before it burst into flames. Carrie is currently in critical conditions. The tanker driver came out of the accident without injury. The George State Patrol has not filed any charges against the 46 year old tanker driver, Kenneth W. Richards as of yet. The accident is still under investigation.

Kargbo, who  studied marketing at Howard University before moving to Atlanta was very well known in the community and devoted her life to social programs, justice, and improving society as a whole. Known by her friends as Maggie, Kargo was “well known and well loved” in the community, says friend Kimberly Binns (BURNAWAY’s outreach coordinator). “She was all about making the city a better place.”

Kargbo studied marketing at Howard University before moving to Atlanta but she is originally from Jackson, Mississippi.  To know her is to adore her as evidenced by the message left by her family. “For a woman who spent her life pouring light and love into the lives of others…we say thank you.  The arts and culture, and social justice/activism communities grieve the loss, but celebrate the life of a powerful force.  Now we, as a collective, take the time to thank our sweet Maggie and her loving family who shared this amazing light with us.

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