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ASCAP Comments on BMI Rate Court Ruling

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ascap-logo-lOn December 18th, US District Judge Louis Stanton issued a ruling denying Pandora’s motion for summary judgment in the streaming music company’s rate court proceeding with bmi. Just three months ago, US Judge Denise Cote granted a similar motion by Pandora in its rate court proceeding with , on the grounds that “new media transmission” rights can only be withdrawn from ascap if a publisher from ascap completely. But in yesterday’s ruling, Judge Stanton determined that, with the exception of “presently-existing licenses,” if a music publisher elects to withdraw “new media transmission” rights from , those works are no longer “within ’s repertory, and it lacks the power to license them to any applicant, including Pandora.”

This means that as existing licensing deals expire, bmi no longer has the right to represent publishers who have withdrawn new media rights for any purpose across all platforms. According to Judge Cote, publishers are “all in” unless they resign from ascap completely; conversely, Judge Stanton has decided that publishers are “all out” if they have withdrawn new media rights from bmi.

In response to this latest ruling, ascap CEO John LoFrumento issued the following statement:

“The Court’s recent decision in the BMI-Pandora case further demonstrates the need to review the decades-old consent decrees, which govern PRO licensing, to ensure they reflect the realities of today’s music landscape.

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