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Are Black Male Celebrities Being Unfairly Targeted by Gay Organizations?


Over the years the impact of LGBT organizations like GLAAD have become apparent. Media Take Out calls LBGT organizations “The Gay Mafia” and it’s no secret amongst all celebrities that the easiest way to destroy your own career is to make an anti gay remark. Rappers who once tossed words like “Faggot,” “Sissy,” “Bitch Nigga,” “Soft” etc around more times than saying the word “it” have completely eliminated any negative reference to gays from their material for the legitimate fear of career death.

It’s no secret that in the black community, homosexuality is still viewed as the lowest form of life especially amongst groups of black men and the black church.   The greatest insult one black man can give to another one is to call him a “faggot.” In addition, the vicious cellphone taped beating of 20-year-old Brandon White (pictured above) in Atlanta this past weekend by as many as eight black men in a crime-ridden area of Atlanta has been posted online bringing worldwide attention to homophobia in the black community. The incident certainly offers credence to the often perceived notion that black men are extremely homophobic. While the subject of homosexuality seems to be widely accepted or not discussed on the white side of show businesses, there have been several incidents where black men have made remarks about gays that has either given them unwanted national attention and pressure or destroyed their careers outright. National figures like Ministers TD Jakes state gay people are “broken” and “ex gay” minister Donnie McClurkin calls gay people “Vampires.” Others from the church who have not only spoken out against gays but have organized rallies and protest have been publicly humiliated when their own dirty laundry was exposed. For years TD Jakes was staunchly opposed to gays, gay rights and homosexuality until the subject hit home when his son was arrested in a park soliciting oral sex from a white male police officer. Jakes has since remained quite on the subject of gays but his church has recently become involved in HIV prevention almost 30 years after crisis. Eddie Long also marched in Atlanta against gays and gay marriage but the mega church leader was humiliated by a gay scandal involving five men who claim the recently crowned King took advantage of them, their families and the church member funds after he had sex with them while pretending to show concern as a father figure then lavished them with expensive gifts and trips in exchange for their silence. With all of this considered… are black men being unfairly targeted by gay organizations?


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