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Arbitron releases preliminary radio ratings data from the Chicago

Portable People Meter service

America’s “˜Second City’ makes the first steps toward electronic measurement in radio PPM shows higher total station audiences across formats Spanish speaking Hispanics have highest persons using radio ratings Audience composition confirms targetability of radio formats PPM sample reflects the diversity of the Chicago market

Inc. (NYSE:ARB) has released the first preliminary radio ratings from the Chicago Portable People MeterTM radio ratings service. Top line ratings data from the June Portable People Meter (PPMTM) survey month, covering May 29 through June 25, 2008, are being delivered to subscribing radio stations, agencies and advertisers as an aid in planning for the transition from diary-based to electronic radio ratings. These ratings are preliminary and cannot be used in the buy/sell process for radio commercial time. Chicago is one of eight radio markets scheduled to make the transition to Arbitron’s Portable People Meter service in September 2008. Average station cume audiences are up sharply for formats
The PPM service in Houston, Philadelphia and New York has already shown that total weekly (cume) audiences for radio stations are up substantially over what the diary had reported. Preliminary data from Chicago show the same overall result. For more info go to www.arbitron.com