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Anthony Cumia: Racism Behind the Mic?


I’m not a racist, I just hate black people…. As always, go and grab the first black man off the street to prove you are not racist AFTER people come down on you for being… well RACIST! This picture is PR work at it’s best worst. This picture LOOKS staged. This is the latest picture on Cumia’s twitter page.

The firing of Anthony Cumia from SiriusXM’s Opie and Anthony show over the weekend by SiriusXM is long overdue. Some guy is taking pictures of women on the streets of NY and a black woman who deems Cumia as creepy, responds and now SHE is the bad guy? If you look at Cumia’s twitter page, he seems to think that that he has talent as a photographer and at least one other of his pictures (below) are of unsuspecting women who have their backs turned and don’t know their picture is being taken, however the one of the black woman is head on. Cumia’s tweets are full of rage and anger and a complete disprespect for anyone who doesn’t agree with him or his view of the world. He tells people to kill themselves and calls them every name in the book in a way that would get a black announcer blackballed and damn near arrested. Cumia claims the black woman was “in the frame” but it’s obvious he was actually taking a picture OF  her because she was in the CENTER of the frame (see below). He claims she punched him 10 times.  He goes on a racist rant because he got busted and almost got his ass kicked when several other black people joined in to help defend the woman. There was no major corporation, twitter account or fanbase on the streets and it was not Cumia’s world so he panicked. He was obviously scared. He then runs to his computer after the altercation like a spoiled privileged kid and posts HIS version of the story to draw sympathy and ire. Too bad he didn’t consider SiriusXM might be reading the posts too as he called the woman every name possible now that he was safe and out of “the jungle.” He called the black woman a “whore bitch” and a “cunt” said she would be ‘dead if I was a legal gun owner,’ then he went on to call black people savages and animals and claim we live in the jungle.  What a piece of work. How does a dickhead like this get a job on ANY radio station? To that end, as we report ANYONE who is right or wrong on this blog, before any white person reading this stands up and says “It’s not about race,” Stop lying to YOURSELF. It IS about race and this is what we mean by racism. How is it that white announcers can go this far before being fired and black announcers have to ask, even at Radio One for permission to say anyhing?



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