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Anonymous PD Speaks: Programmers Communication with Staff


 width=Communication is our business.   That statement has been used in many conversations over the years, but seems to always be followed by some statement that points out the lack of communication.   How are you with getting the message to those around you?   How are you at making your point?   How well do you explain what you want out of your staff?

Years ago, a of mine was in an aircheck session and was told by his PD, “I’m not sure what I’m looking for, but, I’ll know it when I hear it.   Really?   How does one become responsible for the sound of a station without having the ability to communicate what is expected?   These days, corporate programming is the answer that comes to mind.   We get programmers who will do the job for less money or have been with the station in some capacity the longest.   That leads to learning on the job and it seems the first thing to show up is the inability to get the message across to staffers.   It doesn’t help that the mandate from corporate doesn’t take into consideration that each market is different.

If you find yourself in the position of PD for the first time, don’t panic.   Put some systems in place.   Think about what you want each daypart to sound like and please, don’t ever say,   ‘I’ll know what I want when I hear it.”

There seems to be a bit of nervousness from current Citadel station employees with the impending takeover by Cumulus.   Time will tell if it’s warranted.

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