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Anonymous PD Speaks on V103, Reggie Rouse and Kathy Brown

 width=Congratulations to on her new position with WVEE in Atlanta.   Many people will wonder why Reggie Rouse would hire someone with so much experience for an APD.   I would say that he is exhibiting confidence. Which leads to the question, How confident are you in YOU?   Think about it, how much easier would your job be if the people working under you are capable of on the fly?   I had this conversation about 10 years ago with a programmer who was surprised to hear that I prefer people who don’t have to ask how to do the small things that make a station run smoothly.   I rather have the strongest team possible than yes people who don’t see the big picture.   The truth of the matter is the strength of your support speaks to the confidence you have in yourself.     I have always believed it was important to have the strongest team possible.   Imagine only wanting players who would only pass to him, never stepping up.   Imagine Dwayne Wade not wanting Lebron on his team, because, Lebron might hit the game winner from time to time.   Think about how much easier your job could be with an assistant who doesn’t have to be told what to do, but thinks and acts to help you win as naturally as breathing.   You can only have this if you have confidence in YOU!   Keep this in mind the next time you have a postion open and get a package from a former PD.   He or she is not looking to stab you in the back and take your job, but, to help you get to the first.   Maybe that   explains the KB move to Atlanta.   She helps make Reggie’s life easier and one day probably sooner than later, she’s back in the top spot at another CBS property.   At least that how it should work.

Speaking of CBS, a lot of talk about identifying songs with backsells.   The more we think we are reinventing radio for PPM, the more we seem to go back to what has always worked.   Until next time…….

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  1. Excellent observation! “There is No Confidence Like Self-Confidence” Formula; Surround yourself with “WINNERS” and you won’t lose! Recruiting and the building of a strong infrastructure is the KEY!
    Due to the down-sizing “project” at Terrestrial Radio….there is a LOT of Talented Folk out there! Find them…use them!
    “There is nothing more valuable than a Professional on a COMEBACK! They are SUPER HUNGRY! Nuff said!

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