width=Let’s start off by congratulating and his staff at WVAZ in Chicago,   For the first time in the stations 20 plus year history, they are number one overall.   Derrick is a multiple format guy and gets it.   Simply put, the format is about the music.   The format has the of all time.   If you are programming an UAC, don’t forget that people of many persuasions like the music you play, don’t run them away.

It seems like just a few years ago, an agent friend of mine remarked that with PPM, the UAC format would die.   I took a look at the Top Ten markets to see how the format is faring.

New York has two heritage Urban AC signals.   WBLS and WRKS have a good battle going on.   I decided to total the shares and look where the format would rank if one or the other fell out.   With a combined 6.2 6+ share, the UAC format would be the second ranked format in N.Y.

I’ll skip L.A. for obvious reasons and move to Dallas, where both UAC have a problem, but still would show up at #5 in the market total share between KRNB and KSOC.

Houston’s KMJQ continues to rank high.

In the ATL, the combined shares of WALR and WAMJ would unseat WVEE for the #1 spot.

Philadelphia has WDAS ranked 3rd alone, but if you combined them and WRNB, you’re looking at the new number one in Philadelphia.

Washington D.C. has one of the tightest UAC battles in the country, with WMMJ and WHUR back and forth monthly after monthly.   If you combined the person 6+ shares of both, You’ve got a strong number 2 station in the market.

Of course the competition in these markets is not going away, so, why the conversation?   Just wanted to prove that the format is not going anywhere.   Jocks in the   Mainstream format, get past the slang and learn to communicate.   When you get pushed out because you’re considered too old, there will be a place for you, if you prepare and grow.

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CEO of RF Focus, Radio and Music Industry Veteran. Radio DJ, Programmer, Musician and Voice Talent. Graduated from Performing Arts in Buffalo, N.Y. and worked at the legendary KKBT (92.3 The Beat) during its nationwide heyday in the early 90s. Also worked for Stevie Wonder at KJLH.


  1. Which market and which station will be the first to change formats in order for one of these great UAC’s take the top spot. Derrick Brown (Chicago V103) is one of the best PD’s in the USA programming UAC. I’m sure he would say it’s good not to have another station in the format with a good signal that covers the market. Soul 106 is not in the game any longer what the hell do you call what they are doing?. Derrick understands how PPM works and that’s a big part of how he is winning.

    The bigger question is when will a company have the balls to say I want to develop a great local morning and afternoon show and take on syndication? Oh I 4 got that will cost to much. NOT look at the number of spots and money you have to pay to the syndication company if you are in a major market. Some stations pay 250k to 750k in cash and let’s not think the value of 150 to 300 ads a week is worth in a top ten market. Do the math . . . now you tell me you can not have a great local morning and afternoon show on that budget? Okey yes I’m in a bad mood the Bulls lost tonight. NEXT YEAR

  2. Hey Lee you are dead on! Man I am glad you got the Balls to say it! But you have done it already! You are the best that ever did it and I must say that it may not be that the stations do not have the Balls so to speak as much as not having a Coach that can effectively develop and direct a Local Morning Show to compete with Syndication.

    And most good coaches come FROM the GAME right? Well how many Major market PD’s do we have that have never even held a Full time Air Shift? I’m Jus sayin!

    Kevin maybe you can do a survey on that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hint

    So If I have never Set a PICK how can I coach some one else to do it correctly? I’m Jus Sayin?

    And maybe folk are just to Lazy to try or afraid of taking the risk of failing while it is getting established! It would take at least 2 years to fully develop a new Local show to stardom and how many Major Market stations are willing to take the risk of revenue loss for the develpoment period?

    So it is what it is Mediocre radio for an audience that do not even know Radio can be better in thier market.

    Sad case but true. How is it that a station can have a weekend show in Double digits and Single digits during the week?

    And they do not see the potential of creating something around taht personality who is only on (4) hours per week with no exteranl promotion not even on air promos during the week to recycle listeners and still win. This is the case on UAC stations around the country! Weekend warriors most often do not have the handi caps of a PD selecting the music, so they paly from Feel and experience with the audience in that particular format and market turing in better numbers than the weekly shift cume of the other Syndicated shows they lean on.

    Clarence Carter can see that there is underlying potential in building great local radio programs. So Lee you ARE the Man keep on preaching the word maybe one day a Major Radio group will see the value in Veterans and put you in motion!

    I am sure you have skinned knuckles from some of your Radio Battles you have won, what do the others have? Skinned Knees maybe? (lol)


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