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ANGIE MARTINEZ DOES MORE BET: (Hope they are paying)


 width=Don’t get mad at me for being honest, you know you have heard BET does not pay…AND???? Can’t say I blame Ang for keeping the radio gig…

Hot 97’s is heating up the small screen. BET has ordered 40 episodes of the afternoon disc jockey’s Show. The pop-culture gabfest first aired on BET on Nov. 24.

The pilot, featuring interviews with Jay-Z, LL Cool J and Marc Anthony, attracted 1.5 million viewers, outperforming regularly scheduled programming in the time slot. Produced by United Entertainment Group and Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit, the half-hour show will appear on Mondays at 11:30 p.m., starting March 2. Mariah Carey, Eve, Rihanna and Big Boi are Å“close  to signing up for the debut, one of the producers says.

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  1. It is now Sun 4 October. BET showed teh carter interview, & that was it. If BET ordered 40 eps, where are they?

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