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ANA Multicultural Conference Invited Attendees to Tom Joyner’s Miami House on the behalf of Reach Media and One Solution

 width=, representing the Morning Show, BlackAmericaWeb.com and its initiatives, along with One Solution, which is the cross-platform group for One, TV One and Interactive One are literally bringing the Association of National Advertisers Multicultural attendees to the actual voice of Sunday, November 7th from 1:00PM ““ 4:00PM. Guests will be able to enjoy the ocean view from Tom Joyner’s Miami house, urban personality reaching over eight million listeners weekly. In addition, guests will have a chance to view a short video regarding testimonials on their way to the event in the courtesy shuttles. Throughout the conference that extends through Monday and Tuesday, key for multicultural advertising will also have the chance to view extended versions on the power of radio in their rooms on channel 49. More details on that video is listed below the invite.

Approximately 400-500 primary multicultural for blue chip brand s are gathering at the Fontainebleau Hotel Miami , Sunday November 7 through Tuesday November 9th for the Multicultural Conference. Reach Media Inc./Tom Joyner and /One Solution have been proactive on radio’s behalf to get in front of the CMOs and multicultural marketers. We have an internal channel that continually loops studies on radio success and effective use of reaching consumers in short presentations that the CMOs and multicultural marketers can view in their rooms.

Our message: While we want to bring across the point of the effectiveness and efficiency and personal relationship of radio, we’re also educating CMOs and multicultural marketers on the most effective way to get response from a target audience…in this case the consumer. More importantly we wanted the potential advertiser to understand that speaking to the consumer in a manner and place that’s relevant to them will get a strong response, far beyond what general market spots can deliver – it’s what radio and targeted websites do best!

*Attendees were alerted with room drops that internal channel had the message running continuously through the weekend.
*See the attached materials that were provided for the room drop.
*I’ve attached the link (this is private) to videos that are running on the channel.
-A spot that we created for MSNBC originally that also has President Obama included is on the link initially. Let it load for about :30.
-You can link to other case studies:
The Why video includes listener interviews of why people listen, why they respond.
The US Census Tour is a case study of Tom’s grassroots effort, along with radio and BlackAmericaWeb.com.
The other testimonials include profiles on Ford, movie premieres and and their success with radio and cross-platform media.
Also have a bio on Tom Joyner, that’s short, just to show his bond with his listening audience.


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