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Alicia Keys and Anthony Hamilton Talk Life, Music, and Art with NPR Music

aliciakeysIn two new installments of the Noteworthy video documentary series, Music takes an intimate look at how artists and make music that millions of fans love. Host Jason King, curator of Music’s R&B stream “I’ll Take You There,” co-founder of and professor at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and a musician himself, uncovers new insights about each musician’s creative process – things they’ve rarely had a chance to share publicly – and gets up close and personal access to the places and people that have shaped them.

Alicia Keys’ documentary is out today and Anthony Hamilton’s will be released Friday, September 23. Videos and photos available on request.

For each Noteworthy installment King spends a day with the musician, providing a glimpse into meaningful issues and places. Alicia Keys opens up about her newfound vulnerability and willingness to work with collaborators. Anthony Hamilton takes King to the house where he grew up; the barbershop where he cut hair and found stories for his songs; and the church where he sang his first gospel solo, and performs “Amazing Grace” there.

Noteworthy documentaries, including features on Miguel, Banks, Dua Lipa and Maxwell, live at npr.org/noteworthy. Extended one to two hour interview segments will also be published on NPR’s YouTube channel.