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Adele’s 21 breaks Nielsen SoundScan record with post-GRAMMY sales

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In its 52nd week of release (week ending 2/19/2012), Adele’s 21 garnered its largest sales week in its one year history with 730,000 albums sold, surpassing its previous biggest sales week with 399,000 albums sold in the week-ending 12/25/2011.

This marks the biggest album increase following a GRAMMY win in the history of SoundScan (since 1991).
This honor was previously held by ’ debut Come Away With Me in 2003 after she won five . Jones’ album sold 621,000 ““ an increase of 331% from the prior week sales of 144,000.


Sales of 21 were already elevated last week (week ending 2/12/2012) due to the immediate availability of digital albums, selling 238,000 units from 122,000 two weeks ago (an increase of 95%). This week’s 730,000 in sales represents an increase of 207% over last week.

In addition, Adele’s , 19, had its biggest sales week ever this week with 87,000 units sold, surpassing its previous high of 71,000 (during the week-ending 12/25/2011).

Another notable GRAMMY lift was in 2000 when ’s won eight GRAMMY Awards – the album sold 583,000 units following the , an increase of 166% over the album’s prior week sales of 219,000.