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Common, Kanye, and The AAHH Festival Breathes Life into Chicago

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Photo: Katie Karpowicz/WGCI)
Photo: Katie Karpowicz/WGCI)

As of late, Chicago summers have unfortunately been highlighted in the national news by increased gun violence, senseless murders, gang problems, the closing of public schools, corrupt politics, and suffering communities. As politicians, police officers, community activists, everyday citizens, and even the FBI have shown concern for the problems, the resolutions to these aforementioned issues have not come with enough vigor or swiftness to drastically impact the problem.

Chicago did receive some  necessary and welcomed positive energy due to the heart, passion, poise, and determination shown by the United States Little League Champions, Jackie Robinson West team. Those young men captivated the city and the world for that matter, in a way I have not personally witnessed since Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were dominating the NBA.

Just when I thought the JRW journey would be the highlight of Chicago’s summer, Common, Kanye, Lupe Fiasco, Rhymefest,  Jennifer Hudson, Twista, and a host of others put on for this city in a way I always I viewed it or at least wanted to remember it. Despite all the negative news surrounding the Windy City, I always envisioned it as the city Kanye described in his “Good Life” song when he simply said, “Summertime Chi, AAAHHH!”

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