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A TIP: Eliminate all the papers in your house and life

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Make Life Easier: Eliminate all the papers in your house and life

If you are like me, you walk in with your mail through it and either toss it to the side, in a pile with the other mail or you open what you want to read and put it in the “I’ll-get-to-it-later” stack. After a while, you have a mountain of papers that you just don’t ever feel like dealing with so the stack gets put in a big bag or boxes etc. Here are some tips to eliminating the problem . First, you are going to have to through that original stack but for future reference, this will prevent the mounds of paper from growing.

This will prevent you from going past the front door with mail that you you will not use: grocery store coupons (sh…, you might want to hold on to those in this economy) junk mail etc. IMMEDIATELY shred what you don’t need before you completely walk in the house. In addition, when you take out your trash you will always be reminded to empty the shredder too.

This has made life SO much easier for me when it comes to papers. I get all bills online now in my email box. Go to each one of your utility companies online or call and request it, it’s that easy. I dealing with customer service and I’m a last minute bill payer, so this way, I get a look at my bills as soon as they come in and I don’t have to look for the paper bill or my account numbers anymore.

As soon as you get those bills, stash them in your My Documents file on your PC. Of course, you need to create, in advance, categories for those bills and important papers and you simply file them away. Word of cautious advice, spend a mere $3.00 a month for storage space at GoDaddy.com and save those documents online or the My Documents folder just in your computer crashes. You can also save the My Documents folder to your Yahoo or Gmail address. Good Luck

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