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8 Reasons Why You Can See BOTH Sides in the Wild Wings Debacle

The wild wings controversy is all over the internet and it has opened up harsh from both sides. There are a few questions many people must have and we have listed them here. Hit “Next” on the top or bottom to see the next question

Who would wait two hours to Eat?

While it’s understandable the group was celebrating their friend leaving the city, why would anyone wait for 2 hours to eat?


If you did wait for 2 hours were you told that in advance?

If you tell  most people there is a 2 hour wait, they will most likely leave. Even in a situation where they are celebrating.

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  1. I’ve waited tables and witnessed african-americans acting terribly, complaining about white people, how they got served after white patrons (despite the fact that the table making the complaints had EIGHT PEOPLE, whereas the white tables had two to three), and audibly using the “N” word. This type of behavior is unacceptable no matter what someone’s color is. It’s ludicrous to think Wild Wings would treat any large group of patrons poorly on the basis of race. Especially in a city like Charleston. Jeeeez Louise

  2. I don’t care if your freaking purple, its called make a RESERVATION!!! Its Charleston South Carolina… If you are going out to eat ANYWHERE with more than 4 people. Call ahead! Even if places don’t take reservations, they will atleast ask you what time you are planning on coming to give the restaurant a heads up…including the kitchen…

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