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7 Thriving Business Careers, No MBA Needed

With an expected 2.2 million job openings by 2014, the business world may want you. And you don’t necessarily need a business degree to be a part of this growing field. The good analytical skills and creativity found in liberal arts and science degrees can transfer into the marketable skills you can use in business.

These seven in business may be able to transform your non-business degree into a valuable asset in the business world. Want more great ? You can take many of the classes online.

Health Care Manager
If you love the idea of working in the medical field while being in charge, train to become a health care manager. Health care managers coordinate and supervise offices, departments, or entire facilities. A bachelor’s degree in health sciences or a nursing degree with an emphasis in administration can get you started. Best yet, health care managers made an average annual salary of $84,980 in 2007, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Human Resource Manager

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