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6 Reasons why Blacks CONTRIBUTE to Corporate Racism

Blacks CONTRIBUTE to Corporate Racism?

I’m sure that title knocked you for a loop but truth be told quite often we do contribute to the problem instead of helping to solve it. Here are the 10 reasons:

Ignore it until it happens to us


Blacks CONTRIBUTE to Corporate Racism?I will use an example of when we tried to sue Evergreen Media 20 years ago for racism when I worked at in Los Angeles. The station fired all the black men who were on the air within a 30 day span including . The late Craig Wilbraham stated “We want a multi-cultural station” so they hired whites and other races that could emulate black culture but they didn’t want black men. There were two remaining black men, Michael Mixing Moore and Captain G. We were talking to a person at the station who pretended to be our ally but we later found out she was taking our information back to the racist corporate heads who in turn used it against us. Captain G, and Michael Mixin’ Moore wanted nothing to do with our campaign. Sadly Captain G died of a drug overdose which was tragically played out over the air when he was late for his shift by Theo and Michael Mixin’ Moore became the final victim who was fired after the initial group and he responded by tossing a hundred thousand leaflets out of a helicopter during KKBT’s massive outdoor concert calling the station KKKBT and exposing their racist policies. He died within the last couple of years. Had we all been unified we could have gotten a lot more accomplished.

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