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5 MORE and NEW Reason to Join RFSN: Mix DJs, Air Checks, PDs Etc…


1. Several People have found work and being a member of RFSN. As the begins to open up more and the online community changes there will also be many great paying positions coming for people online starting next year. Your direct connection to RFFocus , the Number 1 urban blog and site, will give you the opportunity, and as RFSN continues to grow and you already on board.

2. Instead of just posting your work at om as a mix jock or a an announcer on other sites. MAKE FRIENDS FIRST on RFSN. As I point out in my new book “Mind Your Own Damn Business.” You can get a lot more help from a friendship or networking opportunity then you can asking just 1 time for a favor. By joining the network and making FRIENDS, you have a chance to develop RELATIONSHIPS, get honest critiques and the people on your friends list are more likely, if they can’t help you, at least refer you.

3. We have an incredibly diverse group of people on RFSN not just people. You don’t have to be a person to join. BUT YOU DO HAVE TO HAVE WORK HISTORY IN THE INDUSTRY!

4. We have people from all generations and positions as part of RFSN.. you will be in excellent company.

5. It’s just a great idea. We have big plans for it and it’s best to get on board now.

Below are the OTHER 5 reasons….

1. You never know where you will be tomorrow. Networking is paramount but opportunities are limited in today’s industry. RFSN is the first urban industry Social Networking group

2. This gives you a chance to give back. What you give, you get back 10 times. Then again, perhaps you may GET something from one of the members on RFSN.

3. We want to become an organization: That being said, we need as many members as we can get. We have very big plans for RFSN.

4. Don’t wait until it’s too late to seek exposure: We all need press. Many industry people wait till they are in need to get it and ignore the opportunity when they don’t need it. Press is like insurance… as as you HAVE it… chances are you will NEVER need it! So get it!

5. We have turned down 3 times as many people as we have let in. All members MUST have an industry affiliation. It’s not a network where you will be bombarded with help me, help me, help me.

6. BONUS REASON: It’s very easy to sign up and literally takes less than 2 minutes.

RFSN: Urban Entertainment Explored… Join Now

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