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5 GREAT Reasons to Give to Industry People in Need!!!

5. You have been incredibly blessed this year

Lest we forget how blessed we are to be working another year. Especially if you are older than 40 and working in the industry. Working from this end, it’s always to see the many people who have left the industry and recreated themselves (mostly in real estate) but there are a LOT of people who can’t get back on track and who are experiencing rough times. Click “NEXT” above or below for next reason.




4. You have not done as much as you would like to do to help others

We get so caught up in work that we are not always able to do as much as we would like to help others. Sure we have all gotten calls that we have not returned and avoided because we were too busy or not in a position to help. It is a downer to hear that someone you once worked with is struggling and we all have to remain motivated if we are to be relevant so here’s the time to make up for the calls you were not able to return or the or memorial service you were not able to attend.  At least you will know you did something to help before the year closes out.



3. You understand what it’s like to be out of work in the industry

If you have ever been out of work in the industry than you know firsthand what it’s like when people don’t return your calls and you are ignored. It’s not the industry’s fault, this is a business an we can never take that personally but it’s a bad feeling nonetheless. Of course, once you do get back in, everyone acts like it was YOU that didn’t reach out to them and that’s just the way the industry works. Here is your chance to help those who are out of work.




2. You want to see others enjoy the holiday

…. and what’s wrong with that?



1. You are just a dynamic person

If this is the , click the link to …..






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