The nominees were announced for the 2014 Global Spin Awards (GSA), an award show that honors and recognizes the world’s most dynamic and talented DJ’s for their contribution to the culture of music and entertainment, at a press conference held at Bryant Park Hotel. Nominees in the nearly 30 categories were announced by a panel of industry insiders including Kid Capri, Funk Master Flex, DJ Premier, REVOLT CEO Keith Clinkscales, and Rob Kenner of Boomshots and Editor at Large at Mass Appeal, who all spoke about the evolution of the DJ’s in society and how the industry has grown.

Categories include DJ’s and producers from all regions, spanning all genres. Highlights of this year’s nominees are DJ Envy, Funk Master Flex, DJ Vice and Diplo. For the producer category, DJ Khaled, Clinton Sparks and DJ Cassidy were a few of the notables. Swizz Beats, Solange, Idris Elba, Lil Jon and Jermaine Dupri were nominated for top celebrity DJ’s while top album nominees included DJ Khaled: Suffering from Success, Clinton Sparks: IconoClast and DJ Prince: Test My Sound to name a few.

To amplify the DJ art form and partnership with the Global Spin Awards, REVOLT will feature current nominees and past winners on “REVOLT Live” through 1’s and Tuesdays, a recurring segment on select Tuesdays. During the segment, the hottest DJs showcase their skills and talk about trending and emerging music being played in clubs and on the radio around the world.

“Throughout my career I’ve formed long lasting relationships with the world’s most talented DJs. I’ve never understood the lack of recognition given to DJs for their continued influence on national and international musical currents and culture. The GSAs were created to fill the void and finally honor the DJs exclusively for their achievements, amongst their peers. Simply put, DJs deserve their own version of the Grammy’s,” states GSA founder Shawn Prez.

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