30 Ways in 30 Days: Put $5000 in your Bank Account in 30 Days

 width=No scam here folks this is from my own personal experience.. Kev Ross

Let’s face it, we all get into those tight situations where we need money. This economy is a prime example. A few years ago, I was a real estate agent who got caught up in the housing crash and I was literally BROKE. My bank account was in the negative. I had to come up with some incredibly creative ways to put money in my bank account. I used these methods and at the end of the month went from a 0 balance to $5012.00.

In this easy to read eBook, I   will post 30 of my most popular methods. A lot of it is within your own reach and your pocket already, you’re just not paying attention. The amount of money that we waste each month is ridiculous and once you read this, you will come up with your own ways of saving as well. It is a sacrifice but for 30 days you can handle it. Please feel free to forward your methods to me so that I can pass the information on. These methods worked for me but I do not guarantee the things in this book. Your success is based on your ability to be creative
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  • Negotiate with THE CABLE COMPANY.
  • BUY FOOD FROM this virtually unknown organization and save 85% on your grocery bill.
  • How to Put your gym membership on hold
  • How to return an item you have had for many months or even years that no longer works
  • No fast food or restaurants.
  • How to Skip the oil change
  • Treasures in your Garage of closets
  • Free internet sources
  • Things you don’t know your health insurance covers
  • Cell Phone game
  • Get rid of your home phone
  • What do you do that people really like?
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