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2010 Radio Mercury Awards Finalists Announced Second Annual Radio Creative Summit Hosted at VCU BrandCenter

 width= , NY ““ Sixty diverse spots have made it to the finals of the 2010 , which honors outstand ing Radio created by agencies, production companies, Radio stations and students. Entries were judged on their creativity, originality and effective communication of a brand ‘s message. The second Annual Radio Creative Summit was once again held in conjunction with the final round judging, this year at the VCU Brand Center in Richmond , Virginia .

The 2010 finalists encompass a wide range of national and regional advertisers from the automotive, beer, entertainment, fast food, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications and retail categories.

“I’m really encouraged by the list of finalists that have made it this far. This is a great example of the overall breadth and scope of the Radio advertising land scape.” noted Mike Hughes, Co- Chief Judge, and President and Co-Chief Creative Officer, The .

“We’re continuing to see marketers leverage Radio in unique ways. This year’s high caliber of brand s speak to the medium’s reach and flexibility,” stated , President and CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau

Upon completion of the final round judging, VCU Brand Center graduate students participated in a discussion devoted to Radio creative with the stellar panel of judges. “To gather all of these top agency talents into one room and focus on one medium, and discuss its importance, is a VCU student’s dream come true,” said Kelly O’Keefe, , VCU Brand Center.

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