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2 Women Accused of Robbing a Man and Running Him Over for Jay Z Tickets

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DenitraGreenMUG-jpgApparently the thirst is real in these streets for tickets to see Hov.  Two women are accused of robbing a man and running him over to attain   tickets he was selling on Craigslist.

According to court documents, the male victim told police he wasn’t about to attend the Jay Z concert at the Toyota Center in Houston so he posted eight tickets for sale on Craigslist. On Dec. 15, , he says he was contacted by someone stating that they wanted to purchase tickets  and they agreed to meet at the Starbucks at 1801 Durham.

The man met the two suspects, later identified as Denitra Sherrelle Green and Cessica Desha Darden, after they asked him to come outside the coffee shop because they couldn’t leave a baby in their vehicle. Green was driving, Darden was in the passenger seat and the absolutely sad part is that Darden’s baby was really in the back seat of the car.

The man accompanied by his girlfriend went up to the vehicle to speak to Darden through the passenger side window. He told police he leaned into the window with the eight tickets so the suspects could see the tickets better and that’s when Green stepped on the gas.

According to investigators, the man got stuck in the passenger window as the ladies sped out of the parking lot and onto Durham. The man asked Green to stop the vehicle, but she refused and Darden kicked his arm to try to get him off the car.  Eventually, the man fell off and the suspect’s vehicle ran him over.

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