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The RFFocus Power Play List Magazine, Honoring the Best of the BEST in Entertainment

We’re Honoring The of the   from 2017 in the Industry, this December!


The First Annual issue of The Power Play List Magazine (2017) will arrive in December

For 2017 Winners We’re looking for…

  • Those who have stepped up to the plate
  • Those who excel with TechKNOWLEDGEy
  • Those who excel with
  • Those who think outside the box
  • Streaming pros
  • Amazing strides
  • Corporations outside the industry about to get in it
  • Nexus Candidate, someone who is not quite in the industry but has done something amazing related to it.
  • Progressive legends WAY ahead of the curve
  • Humanitarians
    and more…

We’ve been keeping our eye on the entertainment industry ALL YEAR and there have been some AMAZING achievements. We’ve gone ABOVE and BEYOND expectation and it’s time to show our appreciation to the most dynamic people in our industry.

We are still hearing great things from our recent “Celebrating Women of Color 2017”

appreciate being included, I’ve had a lot of folks reach out to me based on this article. Thank you!” Thea Mitchem EVP iHeart/Power 105 PD

“LOOK AT GODs Work.Thank you to RFFocus for an amazing feature along side some amazing Queens” Sam Selolwane,

… but there is more work to do and this issue is really coming together well. We’re celebrating …

The POWER Play List 2017

Look for it on your desk this December. For more information, contact [email protected]

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