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Music Wrap Hybrid Headphone and Speaker Makes its Way to CES

music wrapIf you are techie then you already know ces is the place to be. There are always some cool new gadgets to check out and here is another one for you that is about to hit the headphone/speaker market.

Music Wrap, an innovative start-up in the music experience industry, announces the launch of their newest product, the M25 headphone and speaker hybrid. Music Wrap will be exhibiting at ces in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2016 at booth #81555, at the Sands Start-up Eureka Park.

The latest M25 product is a combination of speaker and headphone in a never-before-seen form factor. Its transformable properties make it fitting for any environment, allowing users to listen to their favorite music the way they like, without compromise. In essence, the M25 creates a personal sound field.

The M25 innovative product design allows for a unique “social listening” experience. The placement of the Bluetooth wireless device creates a dedicated personal sound field that brings sound to life without sacrificing the user’s awareness to his or her surroundings. The listener can enjoy the sounds of nature and also be aware of the potential dangers that might be looming nearby. With its durable design specifications such as weatherproof, anti-shock, dust-proof, and long battery life, it is the perfect companion for everyday outdoor activities.

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