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darryllittlejohnOBAMA CARES? (Speaking of the …)
By Darryl Littleton

The Affordable Care Act went into effect October 1st. As threatened, the government shut down. Thousands of federal employees are discovering that if they wanted to be paid during times of crisis they should’ve run for office. The US is failing to pay its debts so why shouldn’t its citizens be in the same boat? That’s how to unify us as a nation – make us all deadbeats. Well, actually not all. Congress people will keep getting paid even though this is their fault.

The blame is going to the team, but not everybody is on the knucklehead squad. John McCain and a few other stalwart elephant men were against the shutdown. They think it’s disastrous. They wanted to see the Army / Navy game. Then again these are politicians who the days when being a Republican didn’t automatically mean you were a racist. You were under suspicion, but innocent until proven prejudice. These are lawmakers who talked ideological crap to each other all day and then went carousing and whore mongering together all night. So these are men who are used to the American way to doing the people’s business.

No, this new method of one-foot-up-the-butt-the–other-in-the-mouth is the work of zealots like John “Boner” Boehner, Mitch “Anybody Seen-My-Chin” McConnell and Ted “How-Dare-You-Be-A-Racist-When-You’re-Mexican” Cruz. This trio will go down in history as the architects of the dismantling of the . And we all thought Sarah Palin was an idiot. These clowns can’t admit that it’s over. They want a law that the Supreme Court (which they hold sway with their majority) upheld to be dismantled like it never happened. Shut down the website. Return the premiums. Cancel your appointment with your doctor. The Republicans made the president cave. Fat chance fools.

For most of us the world didn’t come to an end. We didn’t all die. Everything dire, doomsday scenario hasn’t happened. We still get most of the services the government provides us with: the military is still there to protect us (because they’re still getting paid thanks to a bill signed by Obama fairly recently) and there are still plenty of drugs on the streets for all to enjoy. So overall we’re fine. Operations at the and NASA are stalled, but since I wasn’t going into outer space any time soon – I’m cool with that. I’m sure if I did go I’d find an alien race just as opposed to black people as here on Earth. So like I said I’m cool with that

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