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12 Singers/Rappers that PROBABLY would be GREAT Radio DJs


We are all familiar with and station announcers or DJs but what celebrities have what it takes to be DJs? To be honest it’s hard to tell because once the mic is open you never know what you are going to get. These people may be naturals or they may never want to be on the air again, who knows? From our perspective by their personalities and previous interviews here are a few rappers and singers who would probably be great DJs. Click “Next” to see the next celebrity above or below.

Great personality, very laid back and knows how to captivate an . He would do very well on an Urban, Rhythmic or CHR (Pop) station in mornings in a major market.




Very personable, adapts well to any audience engaging great charisma, very likable, great voice and tones. Midday show



A bit caught between being a rapper and his upbringing in Canada. Great voice. If he can find a more comfortable middle, he would be good at mornings or afternoon drive in a major market.



Out of the box thinker and unpredictable she may need to be managed so that she doesn’t have TOO much fun but she’s got great energy and a good voice. She would give a program director diarrhea but with great ratings.


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