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100.3 The Beat/Philly Makes Changes… picks up the pace


Philadelphia, PA. – On Sunday, January 11, 2009 WPHI, 100.3 The Beat will pick up the pace every evening at 10:00 PM Sunday thru Thursday. In a bold move 100.3 The Beat will no longer slow down the music at 10:00 PM like many of its Philadelphia competitors. The mission is to be younger, more vibrant, interactive, and up beat without ignoring the strong R&B ballads.

Night Show host Kendra G and DJ Touchtone have gone their separate ways. DJ Touchtone will now host his very own show Å“The Touchdown with DJ Touchtone  hit the air Sunday, January 11 at 10:00 PM. The follow evening at 6:00 PM Å“Live with Kendra G  will kick off and feature a daily mix from DJ Mil Matik.

This move was not possible without some subtraction. The nightly R&B based show Å“Loveland  will no longer air on WPHI, 100.3 The Beat. WPHI Operations Manager, says this about the line up change, Å“This is a very exciting and competitive time for 100.3 The Beat. Both Kendra G and Touchtone did an incredible job as a team from 6p-10p. Allowing them to shine individually will give this station a huge injection. Since every urban station in Philly is slow at 10P we wanted to be different. We believe this move allows us to be hip, vibrant, young and fun; we are destined to raise the bar .

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  1. What happened to the dj who was on the air from 10am to 2pm Mon thru Fri I think her name was Leia not sure of the spelling

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