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10 Tips to Find Work in Today’s Tight Music and Radio or Any Other Industry

Working from this end, I can’t tell you how many emails and phone calls I get wit src=h industry people looking for work. I find it best that I use this forum to help and advice those who may be looking, thinking about looking or who have been out for a while with 10 tips based on the biggest mistakes I see people make consistently. Click “Next” for the first tip

1. Keep in Touch WHILE You are Working

In today’s music and radio industry, its become fashionable to remain “under the radar.” There are legitimate fears abo src=ut corporations eliminating staff members who they feel are not loyal to their brand… HOWEVER… what happens if they fire you for some other reason like corporate cutbacks or downsizing? It would behoove you to find a way to stay in touch with people while you are still working, it’s like the old saying goes, it’s always easiest to find a job when you have one.

2. Watch What you Post and Your Tone on Social Networks

Most working radio and industry people are pretty good with this one but there are those times when someone will say something that you agree with so much  src=you want to post a response, even to sensitive subjects like racism in the industry. A lot of people who are trying to get back in…need to work on some of the things they post on Facebook and Twitter. Social Networks can appear to be our friends on the surface but they can also be our greatest enemy. We’ve seen former industry people have depressive episodes, talk about how stressed out they are about not finding work and post, what could be considered, offensive materials and opinions… we all have our ups and downs but keep in mind word gets around and how apt would someone in today’s tight industry be to hire someone like this?

3. NEVER talk about the “Old Industry” or “Remember When”

The Chi-LitesIf you are completely done with your career in the industry and you are retired or never plan to work in the industry again you can talk about the good ol’ days until the cows come home and saw Moo, but if you EVER plan to work in the current industry?… I can honestly tell you I talk to people from all walks of life in and out of today’s industry and the NUMBER ONE complaint and AUTOMATIC TURN OFF today’s industry people state is when people talk about the past industry. You have to understand most of us are middle-aged and trying ot remain relevant in TODAY’S industry.

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