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7 Tips for Don Lemon’s New Commentator Gig on The Tom Joyner Morning Show

Don-LemonWe’d like to congratulate on his new gig as a commentator on the morning show. The show has seen several changes over the years and its a great thing to bring someone in like Don in who the black community doesn’t quite know how to take. He comes in as an open book, being very transparent about who he is: an unapologetic, professional, highly respected, successful openly gay black man who lives life on his own terms. He is extremely courageous and an anomaly by all entertainment industry standards.  In a way it’s almost humorous because the black community is not used to this. We are used to assuming, questioning and putting people in boxes so that we can categorize them to make ourselves feel comfortable, we are NOT used to someone coming to the table who is confident in who they are no matter what we think without our input of who we want them to be. Don is in a great position to be a leader in the community. Considering past commentators on the nationally syndicated morning show and the recent changes, Don is a great choice as an addition to the show. Now the question becomes what does he have to say? This position must be taken wisely and cautiously and while news might be Don’s game … is ours and we want to see him succeed. Therefore we are offering a few tips to make his transition to syndicated radio as smooth as possible. This advice is not just for Don but for ANYONE who works in syndication in urban radio and is new to it. (click “next'” to read more)


It OK to tell the black community what we already know but offer us something we DON’T know about fixing the .  I’m not talking about an opinion, we have a gazillion hood psychologists in the black community who will tell you all day what we NEED to do, but FEW who take action. Action speaks…


2. Be the Example


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