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10 Things We can ALL Learn from Tavis Smiley

We have to admit, we’re a bit confused about the direction that tavis smiley is going in. His rapid and massive bridge-burning streak seems to be running out of prospects after several public run-ins with some of the black community’s most notable and powerful figures.   Some of us think we know Tavis and some of us accuse him of being insanely jealous of President Obama. But do we know him? Let’s look at his past situations and see how well he fared before his Poor People’s campaign and self proclaimed demands that President Obama be “accountable”….

Don’t Piss Off

Tavis Smiley hosts Tavis Smiley on PBS, The Tavis Smiley Show from PRI and, along with Cornel West, co-hosts Smiley & West, also distributed by PRI. 2011 marks his 20th year in broadcasting.

…especially when he is your number one supporter. This has to be the greatest faux pas of ALL. Joyner stuck by Tavis like glue and gave him a HUGE platform on the , an opportunity that catapulted Smiley into the stratosphere with an audience of 8 million people but that wasn’t quite enough, it appears. Tavis’ mysterious from the show obviously left a bad taste in Joyner’s mouth and you could tell by Joyner’s response when Tavis announced he was leaving. Joyner truly believed in Tavis. Once Tavis was gone from the , it appeared the departure closed many more doors as his influence was greatly affected and he was forced to explore other opportunities.

Don’t Piss Off

This goes without saying, the 85 million dollar man is a HUGE media mogul right now and his public pimp slap calling Tavis and Cornel “Uncle Toms” didn’t help Tavis’ plight for continued success. Many in the black community chimed in with Harvey asking collectively what Tavis’ issue was/is with our president.

Don’t Piss Al Sharpton off

Tavis Smiley Announces End of State of the Black Union SeriesTavis learned the hard way that Al Sharpton has been in the political game for black people a LOT longer than he has and Al let him know it when he ever so eloquently laid Tavis to rest LIVE on the Al Sharpton show. tavis smiley is extremely insulted when people turn down his invitations, like , who has much greater concerns as the POTUS and Sharpton. Tavis publicly attacked Sharpton for not responding to another invitation by trying to corner him kissing up to the president and changing his political position after Sharpton made a quote in the New York Times.   Sharpton, a previous friend who Tavis ” loves and there ain’t nothing he can do about it” verbally lambasted Tavis and called him out for his jealousy and hatred of President Obama. Smiley was too wounded to respond as Al polished him off and removed another two rungs for the ladder of Tavis’ previous success.   That conversation will go down in RFFocus history as one of the BEST black talk radio conversations EVER! There has not been any public display or acknowledgement that the two have been friends since the incident.

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  1. I side with Tavis. Tom Joyner, Al Sharpton and Steve Harvey are the sell outs. Al used to to criticise the President but has since beeen co-opted. Maybe when he changed his hairdo it changed more than his locks. Steve is a comedienne, propped up by ghost writers nuff said. Tavis raises real issues. It’s just sad our President is black and the recipient of his harsh but true criticism. We need to stand for truth and not popularity or ratings or money. If we would support truth tellrs then they would not have to bow to media moguls and in teh end true voices could be heard vice media and radio talking heads.

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