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6 DAYS of VOTING LEFT for TOP 45 DJS Look at some of the Latest Votes…

The votes are THROUGH THE ROOF and there are only 10 DAYS left to vote and to get your name in the running. Who will it be in this historic “RFFocus 2011 Top 45 Current DJs?” The listeners and fans speak up DIRECT for their favorite radio, club and venue DJS.

IF YOU ARE A DJ PUT THIS CODE ON ALL YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKING PAGES AND SITES>>> “Vote for me for The RFFocus Top 45 DJs 2011 Contest. Click this link to vote https://rffocus.org/vote-top-45-djs/“

If any of these jocks are not currently working on the air, in a club or at a venue, please feel free to let us know so that we can investigate early
RFFocus Admin [email protected]

 width=(pictured: DJ GQ Y100 Miami)

DJ GQ / Y100 – MIAMI , FL
because talented good people need to be recognized and Dj GQ is a professional, has an ear for good music and is a team player.

dj gq / y100 – fort lauderdale , florida
DJ GQ plays the best mixes

Roland Bynum / KJLH – Los Angeles ,
California ..great on-air personality comes through…

Dj GQ / Y100 – Miami , Florida
always play good music ……….

Cher Best / 96.3 Kiss FM – Augusta , Georgia
Both Fatz & Cher are incredible DJ’s. They keep it live, up close and personal! They have amazing energy eeaaarly in the morning and they keep that same energy throughout the course of their shift. The song selections are outstanding! They have awesome topics that are discussed, they are truly in to helping the less fortunate. They are visible in the community. When they say they’re going to be there, you can bank on it! Overall, they are the ones that should win this competition. To Fatz & Cher, HOOT!

DJ Colby Colb Tyner / z107.9 – Cleveland , OHIO
Colby is entertaining, informative and down to earth. He makes it easy for his lusteners to connect with him, along with artists and other celebrities he interviews. I feel no one is more deserving of this award than Colby Tyner.

 width=(Pictured: DJ Gemini/WKYS – Washington, DC)

DJ Gemini / WKYS 93.9 – Washington, DC , DMV
DJ Gemini plays the best blends for any occasion he is invited to and he continues to get better as time passes! He consistently gives new artist from the area air time due to the love he has for local artist! This DJ is your DJ’s favorite DJ!

GQ / Y100 – Ft. Lauderdale , Florida
DJ GQ is an amazing DJ, DJ Skinny is his apprentice.


DJ GQ / whyi – MIRAMAR , Florida
DJ GQ is the KING OF THE CLUBS!!! he never disappoints and he always keeps it FRESH!!! LET ‘EM KNOW

djgq / WHYI Y100 – miami , florida

Dj gq is very consistent with good music and knows how to rock the crowd. Very professional and very respectful.

djgq / WHYI Y100 – miami , florida
Dj gq is very consistent with good music and knows how to rock the crowd. Very professional and very respectful.


Dj GQ / y 100 – miramar , florida
DJ Gq was one of the best hip-hop and reggae Djs around, and now he has jumped full force into dance and electronica…. and he is killing it. He will always have my vote.

DJ Kevin Smith / Glass Cactus – Dallas/Grapevine , Texas
DJ Kev because he can take a dead crowd of 2,000 people and have them jumping up and down like lunatics at the Glass Cactus.

Preston Lowe
because he is the epitomy of radio class and dedication out in Florida

e.j. greigi / the wiz – Cincinnati , ohio energy – enthusiasm – on topic – engaging

Djgq / Y100 – Miami , Fl
Gq’s blend of music is smooth and refreshing, especially when you are faced with a lot of dj’s that just play what is popular and count on the music and not technique. Gq has bin able to mix and transition through all genres of music, be it hip hop, reggae, salsa or reggaeton seamlessly. His knowledge of what people want to hear and how to deliver it is spot on.

DJ GQ LET EM KNOW / Y 100 – Miami/Ft.Lauderdale , Florida
Gq- Just his voice alone gets you hype. Full of energy, plays great music, always blending flawlessy from 1 song to the next. Never a boring party.

DJ GQ / why1 Y100 – fort lauderdale , florida
Harder worker. Mixes well and music sounds great

Dj Gemini / 93.9 WKYS – Washington , DC
He Brings It !!!

DJ GQ / Y100 – MIAMI , Florida
He is a very versatile dj and can move any crowd. He’s a king when it comes to mashups.

Sam Sylk / Power92 – Chicago , Il
He is personable. Up to date. Gives great interviews. Loads of fun.
Keeps the crowd entertained at events

DJ GQ / Y-100 – miami , florida

DJ GQ / Y100 – Miami , Florida
He plays everything!!! Versatility is something you don’t get in many djs.. He plays Top40 to dance, hip hop, reggae, even reggaeton and calypso! That’s just crazy… Now put all the genres together and in a well mixed format.. This guy is awesome!

DJ Gemini 93.9 WKYS MD / WKYS – Lanham , Maryland
He plays the music that I want to hear. When I turn to his mix, I stay in the car even if Im at my destination and running late. Now thats a DJ
The DJ Kevin Smith / Glass Cactus – Dallas , Texas
He’s just awesome!

DJ GQ / Y100 – Miami , Florida
He’s The best here!

Prolifik / Kiss 95.7 – Hartford , CT
I like that Prolifik always makes references to local events or places…he’s very in tune with what’s going on in Connecticut…I feel like that’s rare these days. – Nadia

DJGQ / Y100 – Miami , Fl
I think DJGQ should be in the Top 45 because he has alot of great performances, and is always prepared to get the crowd and listeners pumped! He is very well known all over Miami and Ft.Lauderdale. He is always killin it in the clubs with sick beats and mixes! He really should be in the Top 45!!!

Prolifik / Kiss 95.7 – Hartford , Connecticut I work for Foodshare here in CT. Prolifik has done events with us in the past, and now he’s saying if he wins the $500 from your contest, he’s going to give that to our organization as well. Bless his soul…he does a lot for the community and the Lord knows we need it, especially in the greater Hartford/New Haven/Bridgeport areas.

Prolifik / Kiss 95.7 – CT , CT
I’m from Mass and all I listen to is Kiss and Prolifik…tight station definitely.
Prolifik / Kiss 95.7 – Hartford , CT Just won Six Flags tickets from Pro and he told me to come here and vote for him! I always listen to his show! <3 Kiss!!!!!!!!

Minnesota Fattz / Kiss 96.3 – Augusta , Georgia
Minnesota Fattz and Cher Best of Kiss 96.3 truly have the hottest morning wakeup show in the market. They are a dynamic duo that are an integral part of our community. They continue to make maximum impact throughout our community on the air (via music or dealing with sensitive social issues) and off the air (with their unselfish volunteer efforts). Fattz and Cher are not the ordinary DJs or Radio Personalities. They are caring, compassionate, and courageous community activists that are truly changing lives for the better.

Prolifik / Kiss 95.7 – Hartford , CT
Pro hosted my son’s 16th birthday…he has down syndrome and I wrote a letter to the radio station seeing if they could do something to make this birthday memorable for John. Prolifik jumped at the opportunity and was amazing with John and everyone at the party. He didn’t have to do that…it meant so much to my son and to me.

Prolifik / Kiss 95.7 – Hartford , Connecticut
Prolifik has to be the funniest yet most humble DJ i’ve ever listened to. He pokes fun at popular current events, but also holds various charity events. I can’t wait to see how far he goes in radio. All I know is that I will be listening every step of the way!

Prolifik / KISS 95.7 – Hartford , Connecticut Prolifik is the man! Funny as hell, always making me laugh when he makes fun on the celebrities

Prolifik / Kiss 95.7 – Hartford , CT Prolifik plays the best music around and is absolutely entertaining to listen to. Won’t listen to any other station but his.

DJ Kevin Smith / Glass Cactus/Gaylord Resort – Grapevine/Dallas ,
Texas Rippin it

Sam Sylk / Power 92.3 – Chicago , IL – Illinois
Sam is personable,funny,and entertaining

cher best / 93.3 – agusta ga , georgia
she is great.


(Pictured: DJ Sugarbear WQSH, Schenectady, NY)

Sugar Bear / WQSH-FM, Crush 105.7 – Schenectady , NY
Sugar Bear bring awesome energy to the station. I’m from NYC where there are alot of great radio stations and DJ’s, but I tune in to 105.7 Crush online because of him.

Dj Gemini / WKYS – Maryland , Maryland the best mix, versatility, party starter and great personality

DJGQ / Y100 – Ft. Lauderdale , Florida The most creative and crowd movers I’ve ever heard. Very agressive in there talents.

Colby Colb Tyner / Z 107.9 – Cleveland , Ohio they are best at what they do!
Frank Skee / WVEE, V-103 – Atlanta , Georgia They are very interested and they know when to joke and be serious.

DJ Gemini / KYS DC – Washington, DC , Washington, DC They both have the talent to touch people with music. They both know how to rock a crowd and keep party going. They don’t mind breaking records, especially records of the local artists. Just overall talented men that have perfected a craft, and continue to maintain their humility.

Sam Sylk / Power 92.3 – Chicago , IN, IL They put God 1st and it’s evident in there lives.

DJ GQ / Y-100 – Ft.Lauderdale/Miami , Florida

dj gq / whyi – miami , fl

DJ Gemini / WKYS MD – DMV , MD

DJ GQ / y100 – Miami , FL

Prolifik / KISS 95.7 – Hartford , CT

Dex / US 101 – Chattanooga , TN

Dj Entice / WEDR 99JAMZ – Miami , Florida

DJ J Buttah / KYS DC – Washington, DC , Washington, DC

DJ Kam / The Beat, 103 – Philadelphia , PA

DJ Lennox / 102.3 fm – West Palm Beach/Ft.Lauderdale , Florida

Dj Mekkadon / Mix 98.3 – Miami , Florida


(Pictured: Mister Cee/WQHT, NY)

Dj Mister Cee / WQHT – MANHATTAN , NY

Esko Let’s Go / Power 106 – Rockford , Illinois

John Hanna / Insprirtional 1390 – Chicago , Il

Michael Shawn / 100.3 the Beat – Philadelphia , PA

Minnesota Fatz / 96.3 Kiss FM – Augusta , Georgia

Nick @ Nite / WBLX – Mobile , AL

PJ Butta / Kday – Los Angeles , California

ryan cammaren / v-103 – atlanta , ga

Skinny / – Ft. Lauderdale , Fl

Tom Hollywood / Hot 98.1 – Greenville , South Carolina

Tom Joyer / 106.03 – chicago , il


(Pictured: Tom Joyner National)

Tom Joyner / V103 – Chicago , IL

Trevor D / KKXL-FM (XL-93) – Grand Forks , ND

Trey the Chocolate Jock / 92.3 – Chicago , IL


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