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“PPM Rulebook” Released by Paragon

Larry Johnson to Blog from Arbitron Fly-In

Paragon Media Strategies unveils a new “ Rulebook” as a resource to the radio . The “PPM Rulebook” includes 10 original rules authored by Paragon. professionals can submit new rules for consideration to evolve the PPM Rulebook with the most up-to-date thinking from all corners of the radio .

John Stevens, Paragon’s President/COO of Research, commented, “The radio ratings is changing fast as we move into electronic measurement. Therefore, radio strategy must evolve very quickly and effectively to keep pace. The PPM Rulebook is intended to be an industry-wide resource to keep track of the new rules of the . We started the PPM Rulebook, but it’s the radio industry’s rulebook to by making their submissions as they learn from the front lines.”

Paragon’s initial PPM Rulebook is available at www.ppmrulebook.com and is also provided in the attached file. Industry professionals are encouraged to comment and submit new contributions to the PPM Rulebook at www.ppmrulebook.com.