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‘Katz Online Network’ Combines More Than 1200 iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) and Katz Affiliates

, Launch Largest Digital Network, By Any Measure

New “˜Katz Online Network’ Combines More Than 1200 iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) and Katz Affiliates With Independent Internet Stations To Become the Largest, Most Diverse Digital Audio Aggregator Ever

Unprecedented Network Delivers 79 Million Sessions per Month;
And Unique Audience of Nearly Five Million Listeners per Week

and Katz today announced a new online radio network with the broadest reach and most diverse content of any online audio network, as measured by Ando Media’s Webcast Metrics. Called the Katz Online Network, the network outpaces its nearest competitor by some 300% and is also the first to incorporate independent Internet radio stations with the online and mobile streams of leading , stations and popular syndicated content. Immediately, the Katz Online Network delivers 79 million sessions per month and a unique audience of nearly five million listeners per week.

“Major advertisers and agencies now have a simple way to plan, purchase and optimize the best of the growing online digital audio audience ““ spanning AM, FM, syndicated and independent Internet radio,” said Brian Benedik, president of Katz 360 Sales, a unit of Katz Media Group. “Whether it’s a national platform, a regional plan or a specific geo-targeted campaign, the Katz Online Network can be customized to any advertiser’s audio needs.”

In addition to audio spots within streams, advertisers can also combine pre-roll audio or video, display or video ads as well as synchronized banners on online media players.

“For the last four years, we have enabled local and national advertisers across recruitment, retail, education, beverages, travel, auto and other categories to reach the highly sought-after at-work audience,” said Evan Harrison, executive vice president of iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) Radio and head of the company’s Online Music & Radio unit. “The need for an efficient national solution to reach a wider audience has been clear. With the Katz Online Network, combined with the diagnostics Ando offers, will deliver just that.”

Online radio listening has developed a powerful attraction for advertisers as consumers in the most sought-after demographics and life stages convert their morning radio listening into an at-work experience. As a result, the “workday” day part ““ from 6a-7p, M-F ““ now holds special appeal. Online radio listenership as a whole continues to grow rapidly, and now reaches 33 million Americans each week according to Arbitron and Edison Media Research ““ up from 29 million listeners last year.

An unprecedented collection of outstand ing properties

The Katz Online Network aggregates an unprecedented collection of audio offerings. Included in the network are AM and FM station streams from major broadcasters; popular syndicated content; and , for the first time, independent Internet radio stations: