Rick Party Talks to RFFocus Reveals Childhood Challenge that led to his Success

Rick Party is a man I truly admire in the industry. He has left few stones un-turned in his career and he continues to...

KKDA’s PD George Cook Talks to RFFocus

FACTS: Can you give me a brief history of your career in the business?GEORGE COOK: During the past few years, I have had...

B.J. The Chicago Kid Talks Chicago, Dr. Dre, Motown, and Songwriting

BJ the Chicago Kid has quite the reputation in the industry as a premiere songwriter, although he might not be quite a household name...

George Tandy Jr. Talks the Success of His Single w/ Joyce Little

George Tandy Jr. stopped by V-103 in Atlanta after he opened up for Marsha Ambrosius to talk about the success of his single, "March."...

ASCAP’s Nicole George-Middleton Offers Great Advice to Rising Industry Stars

An entertainment attorney by trade, Middleton developed an interest in music from her mother who wrote/writes as a hobby.


Millennial Minute: Work + Life = Finding the Balance

Millennial Minute: "Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life" A few years ago at a media leadership forum,...
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Millennial Minute: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Just like that, we are back! I hope your week has been positive and productive thus far. Welcome to another week of the Millennial Minute. Today we


That time Teddy Pendergrass Split from the Blue Notes and…

The year was 1977 and for the better of the decade’s years prior, Teddy had swiftly become the star of The Blue Notes. He was originally the drummer in the group’s

That Time Grace Jones Switched Lanes: Feeling Like a Woman, Looking...

This dropped down into “Pull Up to The Bumper,” arguably the last great Disco-tinged song, closing the book on that era while blasting open another sweat-soaked portal into a new frontier of club music.

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